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NREC signs investment contract of its Jordan project, one of the biggest projects in Aqaba City

03 - December - 2007

Engineer Ahmad Al Halaiqa, General Manager of Aqaba National Real Estate Projects Company, said the company has signed investment contracts for its southern project for industrial and storage activities, which comprised of Arab and local investors. The project covers areas exceeding 80,000 square meters. He pointed out that there are several investment applications by local, Arab and Gulf companies for investment in the project and are benefiting from its advantages, as well as the proximity of its location to Aqaba Container Terminal.

This statement was delivered during the company’s fourth board of directors meeting, in which he stated that the company is witnessing remarkable growth in its activities, particularly its first project located to the south of Aqaba City. Al-Halaiqa explained that the company has finalized development of the first phase of the project. It covers a total area of 1.5 million square meters, comprising of prefabricated stores over a total area of 600,000 square meters and prefabricated industrial buildings over 150,000 square meters, in addition to providing areas of land allocated for storage and light industries activities of an area amounting to 350,000 square meters.

He said the board of directors has reviewed the progress of the project’s development and expressed his satisfaction for the speed of completion and development. Furthermore, the board has also reviewed the project marketing plan which coincided with the company’s future vision.