Vice Chairman and CEO's Message

On behalf of the NREC Board of Directors, I would like to welcome you to our website.

Integrity is one of our core values which is why we prioritize transparency with all our stakeholders. The information shared here will give all readers clear visibility into NREC’s projects and its financial performance. In addition to information on its developments, finances and future projects, which you will find on subsequent pages, I will share a few words here about how I see NREC’s past and envisioning future.

The establishment of NREC took place during Kuwait’s early period of development as the country strove towards progress and modernization. NREC’s strategy at the time focused on two basic goals: to participate actively in advancing national development, and to establish a strong private sector that could promote real estate development in Kuwait in accordance with the strategies and policies of the state. Kuwait and NREC have both come a long way since that time, and Kuwait continues to be the strategic home market of NREC where we are an important service provider to the government and the people of Kuwait.
Today, as we embark on our fifth decade, we are confident that the experience we have garnered from our numerous projects across the Middle East and North Africa, makes us a strong development partner to the communities which we serve. We have learned that in order to succeed as a long-term player, we cannot just build for today, but have to build sustainable structures that can stand the test of time. Sustainability which takes into account ecological and social externalities as well as financial performance is another core value of NREC. It is also a pillar of our corporate strategy and our commitment to economic growth, social progress and environmental stewardship.

Our achievements are made possible thanks to our many partners in success. NREC employees, shareholders, customers, communities, affiliated partners and sister companies.

We thank all of our stakeholders, and look forward to continued collaboration and success.

Vice Chairman & CEO
Faisal Jamil Sultan Al-Essa