Seeking a positive collaboration that serves the real estate industry, NREC signed a partnership agreement with MIT Center for Real Estate (CRE). By establishing this partnership with CRE, NREC would like to strengthen its commitment to improve the built environment, help advance key research into real world application, while gaining special access to the Center’s intellectual capital and global network.

About MIT

The MIT Center for Real Estate was founded in 1983, by an MIT alum, Charles “Hank” Spaulding (CE ’51).A prominent real estate developer himself, he had a vision to improve the quality of the built environment and to promote a more informed professional practice in the global real estate industry.

Educating the men and women whose innovations will serve the industry worldwide, MIT is home to the first-ever one year Master of Science in Real Estate Development (MSRED) degree, as well as an integrated suite of professional development courses.

Their pioneering research investigates the real estate transaction from initial concept to market reality, providing breakthrough knowledge to help organizations capitalize on today’s dynamic markets and technologies.

Uniting industry leaders with MIT’s distinguished researchers and students will advance the art and science of international real estate, and will bridge the gap between theory and practice.